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Lync Insights – Understanding your Voice Usage – Part2

This is a multi-part blog series. This is Part 2.For other blog posts in this series please click the relevant links – Part 1, Part 2.

In my last blog post I introduced you to Lync Insights module and some of the CQM queries and file transfers cmdlets. In this post I will cover some powerful cmdlets which will provide you deep insight into the usage of Voice within your Lync environment.

I would highly recommend you to read Part1 of the article as that lists the pre-requisites required for these cmdlets to run.

All Lync to Lync Calls Get-LsP2PLyncToLyncAudio is the cmdlet you need for this. This cmdlet will show you all the calls between Lync users and whole lot of other information like the Edge server used, time of the call, Disconnect time etc.


All Lync/PSTN to/from PSTN/Lync Calls Get-LsP2PPSTNAudioOnly will show all the calls in which PSTN connectivity was involved 


All Peer to Peer Lync Usage Get-LsP2PSession will show you all the peer to peer sessions in your Lync environment- Audio, Video, desktop sharing, etc. You can then filter by whole lot of different properties to narrow down what you need.


Get Top Called Number From Lync To PSTN Get-LsTopCalledNumberFromLyncToPSTN will show you the most common numbers dialled to PSTN from Lync. Really useful to audit and detect any misuse.


Get Top Called Number From PSTN To Lync Get-LsTopCalledNumberFromPSTNToLync will show you the Lync users who receive the most number of calls from PSTN.


Get Top Calling Number From Lync To PSTN Get-LsTopCallingNumberFromLyncToPSTN will display the Lync users who makes the most number of outbound calls to PSTN


Get Top Calling Number From PSTN To Lync Get-LsTopCallingNumberFromPSTNToLync will display the PSTN users who make the most number of inbound calls to your Lync environment


Top Used Gateway How do you quickly determine how many calls each  of your Gateway is processing? Is you gateway being used to full capacity? Or is just doing nothing? Get-LsTopUsedGateway will tell you all this information breaking down how many streams it handled


Top Used Mediation Server How do you quickly determine how many calls each  of your Meditation server is processing? Get-LsTopUsedMediation will tell you all this information


Who is on the phone for longest? Get-LsTopVoiceCallsByMinutes will show you how long each of the call lasted.


Top voice users  by calls Get-LsTopVoiceUsersByCalls will show you how many calls each users have made/received.


Usage Scenarios

Below are some of the usage scenarios I can think where the above cmdlets can be useful:

  1. Schedule alerts when a certain phone number is dialled. So if someone dials are premium rate number you are alerted.

  2. You can get alerted when calls exceed certain number of minutes from/to certain user

  3. Get alerted when one of your Gateway/Mediation server is handling very low number of calls compared to another.

  4. Report on your dial in conferencing usage

  5. Detect misuse of telephony environment e.g. if too many calls are made to certain numbers.

  6. Proactive fault finding. You can find the calls which are really short e.g <10 seconds.

  7. Call trending over period of time to understand voice usage.

Download Link: You can download Lync Insights from here.

The key aim of this blog post was to demonstrate cmdlets using which you can gather information on voice usage within your environment. The next blog posts will show how you can gather some really useful information on Conferencing usage, client login statistics like location and time, Client logging history and lot more.

Enjoy! Vik

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