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Lync Insights – Understanding your Voice Usage – Part2

This is a multi-part blog series. This is Part 2.For other blog posts in this series please click the relevant links – Part 1, Part 2.

In my last blog post I introduced you to Lync Insights module and some of the CQM queries and file transfers cmdlets. In this post I will cover some powerful cmdlets which will provide you deep insight into the usage of Voice within your Lync environment.

I would highly recommend you to read Part1 of the article as that lists the pre-requisites required for these cmdlets to run.

All Lync to Lync Calls
Get-LsP2PLyncToLyncAudio is the cmdlet you need for this. This cmdlet will show you all the calls between Lync users and whole lot of other information like the Edge server used, time of the call, Disconnect time etc.

All Lync/PSTN to/from PSTN/Lync Calls Read More →