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Run Microsoft Exchange cmdlets offline

Couple of months ago I wrote about running Lync cmdlets offline. Being a Consultant this helps a lot as I can document and find about the customers environment without connecting to the live Lync environment. Extending the same concept to other Microsoft products which use Power shell (which means pretty much every Microsoft product esp. when PowerShell is part of Microsoft Common Engineering Criteria) is fairly straightforward.

In this post I demonstrate how you can access Exchange cmdlets offline.

The script allows you to execute Exchange cmdlets on your local machine (which may or may not have Exchange Management Shell). This is achieved by using XML files which are exported using export-clixml from Live Lync environment.

Script Pre-requisites
The script requires access to Exchange XML files generated using Exchange Management Shell. The files can be generated in couple of different ways. The generated filename should have the cmdlets name prefixed to it (eg: get-mailbox cmdlets filename should be get-mailbox.xml).

Below is a sample snippet you can use to export most of the Exchange configuration into XML Read More →

Disaster Recovery for Lync Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA)

Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) is an appliance typically deployed in a branch site to provide resilience during WAN failures.

If your SBA does go down your users should have no loss of features (other than slight blip when they are disconnected from SBA and connected to the Lync Front End Pool). Although your users will only see a slight blip when SBA does fail it is important you bring the SBA online in case you have a WAN failure!

Consider a scenario where your SBA has gone down and you have determined its not usual things which has broken the SBA (firewall, AV updates, stopped services, specific updates, etc). Either you can continue to spend time on it to find the root cause, or go ahead and rebuild the SBA!

I am not suggesting you rebuild your SBA every time it breaks (SBA’s are actually pretty good and don’t fail often). You should find the root cause if your SBA is failing frequently but the quickest way to bring the SBA online  is by rebuilding it although it may seem drastic.

Rebuilding a failed SBA
To rebuild the SBA follow the steps below: Read More →