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Lync Front Pool Pre-Decommission Report

One of the tasks which I have to very oftenly perform is decommissioning old Lync pools (Lync 2010/2013) when moving to newer versions/pools. The whole Lync migration from Lync 2010/2013 to Lync 2013 is well documented and pretty straightforward. There are number of steps though which should be completed in order for a smooth migration. Before you decommission the pool it is a good idea to get a quick overview of how many objects (Users, UM objects, Common Area Phones, SBA’s, etc) are associated with the pool. In order to facilitate the decommission process I have created a Lync-PreDecom script. The script provides you information around all the Lync objects which are associated with the Lync pool you are going to decommission. You can run the script over and over again at any stage of migration to see what has been migrated and what remains. The screen shot below shows the kind of output you will see: In order to run the script all you have to provide is the Lync Front Pool name you want to decommission and new Lync Front Pool Read More →