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Backup Sonus SBC (UX) 1000/2000 using PowerShell & REST API’s

As discussed in previous article the REST API license is provided free of charge to all Sonus SBC (UX) 1000/2000 customers with a valid support contract when upgrading to Release 3.0.This has opened whole lot of possibilities to manage Sonus devices programmatically which wasn’t available until now.

One area which has been very tedious was backing up Sonus devices on regular basis. As with other Lync components you do want some automated way to backup the Sonus configuration as well e.g.: once a day. Until now the backups (until you already had REST API license) were manual but with REST API’s licenses all that changes. Now you can quite easily include the backup of the Sonus SBC’s as part of the overall Lync infrastructure.

We will use cURL to backup Sonus SBC’s. Make sure you have gone through my previous article which shows how to setup and login to UX using cURL. To backup the Sonus device all you have to do is issue the following command:

.\curl.exe -s -k -i https://HOSTNAME/rest/system?action=backup –data “” –cookie COOKIE -o BACKUPFOLDER\BACKUPFILE –insecure’

Make sure you replace values in RED appropriately.

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