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Run Lync cmdlets Offline

Being a consultant it is often required to produce detailed design and implementation documents for customers. For various reasons it is not always possible to have access to customers network whilst completing this documentation. The script below addresses this issue. It essentially allows you to grab an offline copy of the Lync environment and invoke Get-cs* cmdlets.


The script allows you to execute Lync Shell (Get-cs*) cmdlets on your local machine (which may or may not have Lync Management Shell). This is achieved by using XML files which are exported using export-clixml from Live Lync environment. The script can be downloaded here

Script Pre-requisite

The script requires access to Lync XML files generated using Lync Management Shell. The files can be generated in couple of different ways. The generated filename should have the cmdlets name prefixed to it (eg: get-csuser cmdlets filename should be get-csuser.xml).

Below are the some of the example to output necessary XML files. These cmdlets should be run on Lync Server within Lync Server Management Shell:

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