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Load Testing Gateways(SBC’S)

 There are number of tools you can use to load test SBC’s for Voice- some paid and few Open source. Lync also provides “Lync and stress testing” toolkit which can be used for testing although requires bit of work for the initial setup. SiPP is another Open source alternative which can be used for Voice deployments. The advantage of using SiPP is how quickly you can set it up.

In this article I will go through the complete process of installing & configuring SiPP to perform load testing on Sonus SBC 1000/2000. Although I will only discuss Sonus SBC’s the same process can be applied to any Gateway.

SiPP can run in different ways. Either you can run two SiPP endpoints- one acting as the server and the other as a client. You can make calls between the SiPP server endpoint and the SiPP client endpoint which go through gateway/SBC, or you can just use SiPP to make calls to a non-SiPP endpoints like a Lync client, PSTN, etc. We will be using SiPP to make calls to non-SiPP endpoints only in this article.

The high level steps are:

  • Install Cygwin – Provides necessary API’s to run some Linux apps on Windows e.g. SiPP
  • Install SiPP – The actual software which performs load testing
  • Perform load testing with SiPP

Cygwin Installation

1. Download Cygwin from

2. Start the installation by clicking Setup.exe

3. Keep clicking Next using the default settings until you reach the window below


4. In the search box Read More →